A carefree future is what we all look forward to and because Misr Life Insurance seeks a Tomorrow that Starts today, we have developed an exclusive, first of its kind policy with the National Bank of Egypt With Maash Bokra you can set your own payment terms and periods without having to worry about when the next payment is due. A single premium paid today with a future set carefree.

  • Benefits of Maash Bokra
    • Maash Bokra pays a retirement amount, where the policyholder chooses between three payment options at maturity:
      • one lump-sum payment
      • guaranteed pension payments for 10 years or
      • guaranteed pension payments for 15 years.
    • The pension amount is paid upon one of the following situations:
      • The policyholder reaches the chosen maturity age
      • In the unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder, God forbids, during the policy term and before reaching the policy maturity date.
      • In the unfortunate event of total permanent disability of the policyholder, God forbids, during the policy term and before reaching the policy maturity date
      • Maash Bokra policy enters a semi-annual draw; the prize is an increase of 75% of the retirement amount or the pension payments.
    • The prize amount is paid at policy maturity date under the original agreed upon terms of payment
    • Maash Bokra policy is issued with a payment of a single premium only and the customer can pay the premium at any time during the term of the policy.
    • The amount of retirement or regular guaranteed payments is calculated according to the age of the insured on the date of premium payment and the maturity age specified in the policy
    • No medical checkup is required for Maash Bokra policy for any age or Sum insured amount
    • The policy is not canceled nor reduces in value if the customer does not pay additional installments.
    • The policy is issued within minutes directly from any of the branches of the National Bank of Egypt.
  • Maash Bokra terms and conditions:
    • The minimum entry age of the life insured is 18 years and the maximum entry age is 59 years.
    • policy for any age or Sum insured amount
    • The customer can sign up for a maximum of 4 policies ( one policy for each maturity age 50-55-60-65 )
    • The minimum policy term is 5 years.
    • The minimum premium payment is EGP 500 and the maximum is EGP 60,000 per policy during the year.
    • In case the policyholder decides to surrender the Maash Bokra policy, the surrendered amount is calculated for each single premium paid separately, with a minimum waiting period of one year with zero surrender value, starting the second year, surrender values are calculated as follows:
      • 2nd and 3rd year, 95% of premiums paid
      • End of 3rd year and onwards, 100% of premiums paid
  • Example:
  • Retirement age chosen is 60 years old
    Age Single Premium Paid EGP Benefits granted under the single premuim paid
    (A) Or (B) Or (C)
    Sum Insured amounts EGP Monthly pension payment 120 pension payment EGP Monthly pension payment 180 pension payment EGP
    20 10,000 98,090 1,168 916
    24 10,000 83,200 991 777
    30 10,000 61,790 736 577
    35 10,000 46,570 555 435
    Total 40,000 289,650 3,450 2,705
    *Over the term of 15 years , you only pay 4 premuims at the ages of (20, 24, 30, 35) with a total amounts of premiums paid EGP 40,000 which is equivalent to EGP 222 per month.
    • Where you can enjoy the following benefits:
      • Receive a one time lump sum amount of EGP 289,650 which is more than 7 times what you paid.
      • Or
      • Receive 120 confirmed monthly pension payments. The value of each payment is EGP 3450, with a total amount of EGP 414,000, more than 10 times what you paid.
      • Or
      • Recieve 180 confirmed monthly pension payments. The value of each payment is EGP 2705, with a total amount of EGP 486,900, more than 12 times what you paid.
    • And you are entitled to anyone of the above maturity payment options whether you :
      • Reach your chosen Retirement age
      • God forbid in case of Death
      • God forbid in case of total permenant disability
  • Avaliable in the following National Bank of Egypt branches :
  • Cairo Alexandaria
    El-Mokattam El-Marghany Mossadak El Montazah Branch
    Zamalek Club Beverly Hills El Gizera Mall Green Plaza
    El-Haram Fesa El-Abaseya AlShalalat
    kornesh El-Maddi 6 Octobar Ramsis Alexandria Branch
    Rabaa El Adawya Dokki Madinty Sidi Beshr
    Al Bahr Al Aazam Maryotiea Haram Triumph Al- Akbal
    Serayat El Maadi Sama El Maadi Al-Nozha Zezenia
    Helwan Hay Elsfarat Golf City El- Obor Mostafa Kamel
    Abbas El-Akkad Hadabt El Ahram Sant Giyn
    Minya Beni Suef Mansoura - HO Shebeen El-Kom

    With a “Maash Bokra” pension policy, your pension is always guaranteed, and your earnings are secured.

    Misr Life Insurance Company is an Egyptian joint stock company subject to the provisions of Law No. 10 of 1981 and its amendments, and it has a license No. 3 from the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority